Monday, April 23, 2007

Nothing can shock me anymore...

Just when I thought that The Great White Father could not get any dumber or more out of touch with reality than he has been regularly, he is "reassured" by AG Gonzalez' smirking, stuttering, univerally ridiculed performance before the Senate last week. He might be the only one so impressed, save maybe Mother Gonzalez. Memo to the President's handlers: His tinfoil hat seems to be on the fritz. Do something.

Our President is as dumb as a baby sucking on paint chips. Good thing he's so fricking LOYAL.

"Yer doin' a heck of a job there, Alberto."

The strongest nation in the world has a functional illiterate at the helm. I have not seen a Bush speech in years that isn't marked with ceaseless stammering, interjections of "Uh....." and that strange little chortle he uses when he's trying to make a point.

History shouldn't judge this President, it should judge us as a nation for letting him sit in that office for eight years.

At this point, I'd almost prefer President Kerry, who might be a little less wealthy, but likely just as big a moron as the current office holder.

Happy Monday everybody. Here's Al, selling you a very poorly maintained used car:

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