Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Matty Mo makes Six In A Row

Matt Morris had a three hitter going with one out in the eighth, leading 5-1. The Bums got a couple hits back-to-back and then Bochy called for Hennessey. Brad, not the cognac. He promptly gave up a single to Kent and it was suddenly 5-3. Then Taschner, who has been very good since that post awhle ago where he had a sucky game, came in to get the ground ball he needed for the DP and to end the inning.
Big ol' Mando came in, and let a couple of guys get on base to give the kids a thrill, then got his 5th save. 5-3 winner.

I told the coolest baby in the world that The Giants beat the Dodgers tonight and he said...."Oh Rih-hih hih hih hilly...."

In honor of the Giants win, here's the Coolest Baby In The World....

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