Saturday, April 21, 2007

Barry + Barry = 4 in a row....

Today's 1-0 victory was the perfect sample game for those who wish to defend the cash outlay for the Two Barrys this past offseason. Barry Zito pitched seven shutout innings for his second win in a row, and the winning and only Giants run came on Barry Bonds' 739th home-run, a huge fly to deep center.

The Giants have made it back to ground zero after starting the year 1-7. Four in a row, six of seven and some very, very good starting pitching. The bullpen lately has been walking the high-wire lately, getting out of jams and preserving leads. Armando Benitez got another save of the sloppy variety, but a save nonetheless. Which is lots better than seeing (BS) after his name in the pitching line.

Tomorrow Matt Cain goes for the Giants as they try for the sweep and go above .500 after the dismal start to the year.

Tonight's victory spin:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Whaddya know, Three In A Row...

The Russ Ortiz Comeback Player Of The Year Campaign gained early momentum tonight when he pitched seven strong innings against the Diamondbacks, who tonight paid him to beat them.

The Giants won for the third time in a row, and they've won five of their last six. A very exciting ninth tonight with Benitez finally nailing down the save after giving the fans some thrills.

In the post-game radio interview, catcher Benjie Molina said that he's got to ride Benitez on every pitch to try and keep him focused. So far it's worked I guess. Molina was the perfect replacement for Mike Matheny, and I think he'll really help the pitching staff this year.

In celebration tonight, I am having a nice cocktail, a rip or two, and listening to one of the best Jazz albums ever.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flashback To Good Times....

Hokie Smokes, is it 2002 again? Bonds launches one into the cove to tie it, then after some stomach churning extra innings, Rich Aurilia drives one into the gap to win it 6-5 in 12 over the Cardinals.

Tonight's designated Bullpen Suck was Jack Taschner, who provided the nightly carnage by walking in the go-ahead run in relief of Matt Morris in the 7th.

Not so sucky was Armando Benitez, who pitched a 1-2-3 ninth in a non-save situation. Jonathan Sanchez provided some angst but got out of his jams and pitched three innings for the win.

Pujols had a big game for the Cards, but was cut down attempting to steal home to end the top of the 12th.

In honor of the Giants win, I'm posting a picture of a very young Nervous Red Dog, licking the hand that feeds him.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Win, 3 Rainouts, and another Win...

That makes for an undefeated road trip so far. Bwah. The layoff didn't seem to hurt, as the offense stayed alive. Durham and Benji Molina got their first homeruns of the season tonight, and Zito got his first win as a Giant. He went six innings, and didn't surrender any runs and gave up only three hits. Color me whiney, but I'd like to see the #1 Starter go more than 6.

In honor of the victory, I've posted one of my first Giant heroes as a kid. One of those inexplicable things a kid does when he's just starting to learn baseball. I picked the guy on the strength of how much he looked like he might be a good ballplayer in the picture on his baseball card. The guy was Ron Herbel, and he never did do much more than long relief in his career, but he was a back-end of the rotation starter on the first Giants team I followed religiously. (1965) He did set a big-league record, but I'm not sure if he still holds it. He is (or was) the worst hitting pitcher of all time (minimum 100 AB) Ronnie went 6 for 206 over his career. Final batting average? .029 He had a major league jawline though.

Lots of baseball left, like the whole season. And as my girl Britney Spears says, "They's people ahead of us.... But I like the 8-0 win at Coors. I do.