Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cain completes the sweep...Five in a row...

Matt Cain finally got enough run support to win a game this season. The Giants shelled the Diamondbacks for two runs today, and the youngster used them both, pitching a complete game to win 2-1 today. Pete Happy and Barry Bonds provided the offense, with each getting a solo HR.

In honor of my father's 85th birthday, Barry hit #740 into the center field gallery. It should be noted that my dad is NOT a huge Barry fan. But I am.

Barry is on fire right now, running like he did five years ago and driving the ball with the old power. He's getting pitches to hit, because people can't believe he's not slowing down. But the intentional walks should be rearing their ugly heads soon enough once they find out. It's all in the knees, man. And those knees are HEALTHY.

Must be those new undetectable PED's, the ones made from the ground up bones of orphaned or stolen babies. I'm surprised the media isn't all over this!

But back to that starting pitching. Cain had a one-hit shut-out going into the ninth, but a couple of ground balls made it through the infield to set up first and third with nobody out. This provided a true sphincter-clenching moment, as Armando Benitez was lurking, ready to go in the pen. And Cain was over 100 pitches. Now Benitez has NOT blown a save yet, but there is still enough residual ill feeling from the last couple of years fror me to not have much confidence in him, especially with two men on and no out, and a mere two run lead. But Cain got another ground ball, this one right to Ray Durham, who fed Omar for the 4-6-3 double play. The run scored, spoiling the shut-out, but now the bases were empty and the D'backs were down to the last out. Tony Clark scorched a grounder to the right side but Durham managed to stop it and throw Clark out from his knees. Five game homestand, five games won. Now it's another road trip, starting Tuesday night in Teh Latrine, against those hated Bums.

It doesn't seem to matter so much that the offense takes a day off with this team---the starting pitching has been outstanding.

Here's 740:

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