Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Giants Win!!! That's two!

In honor of the Giants 6-5 victory tonight over the Friars to start the road trip, I'm putting up this picture of my favorite Giant of all time, Willie McCovey.

Matt Morris pitched very well tonight, and it turns out he's got BOTH of the Giants wins so far this year, both against the Padres, and both against Clay Hensley.. I'm hoping like hell that Noah Lowry can be the second Giants pitcher to record a win this year. It would be nice to win a mess on the road after the opening homestand suck fest.

Tonight it was excellent to see a Giant come home from third, that's been a rarity thus far. And Ryan Klesko's linebacker slide to break up the double play was crucial and maybe the play of the game.

That monster Adrian Gonzalez needs to be stopped though. He's a masher.

BREAKING NEWS...I have just learned via the San Francisco Chronicle that Hammerin' Hank will not be around to watch Barry break his record, opting to maybe golf instead. Color me butt-hurt. Sorry Hank. Only the best tasting Tuna get to be Starkist. He'll hit it whether you're golfing or spanking your elderly monkey to old clips of Al Downing.

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