Monday, February 5, 2007

My complicated affair with NPR

Just about the only radio station I listen to with regularity is the local NPR station. They just finished one of their monthly "extra short five day pledge drive" pitches. I didn't send any money. Instead I gave what amounts to their standard donation to a charity of my choice in their name. I will continue to do so in order to feel good about listening without actually giving them money to spend where ever they like. I don't want my money (which is really scarce these days) going to promote (in no particular order) :

1) The Unger Report, a "comedy" bit on Day To Day which would be the singular most unfunny thing on NPR if it weren't for the interminable "Guy Noir" sketches on A Prairie Home Companion.

2) A Prairie Home Companion, which should have been cancelled when Keillor left the first time.
I have never hit the next pre-set button with as much force as I have while listening to GK sing or listen to the absolutely excruciating "comedy" sketches his show spins off with workmanlike regularity.

3) The Ethnic Hours like Latino USAeee with Maria Hinojosa and News and Notes with Farai Chideya. I'd be down with this if there was a daily or weekly program totally dedicated to "Caucasian Issues". It would be fun if only to see the outrage.

4) The local announcer who spins such gems during pledge drives as "My favorite part about being in public radio is the pledge drive". Yes, mine too. Compelling radio.

5) They canned Bob Edwards, for whom I had much man-love.

If only I could live without Car Talk, This American Life, Weekend Edition Saturdays with Scott Simon, Fresh Aire, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, I'd never listen.
And my single most favoritest most specialest thing on NPR,

"I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.....Washington."

So. Gosh-Darned. Hot. If Lakshmi Singh personally ordered me to contribute to News & Notes and Latino USA, I'd do it immediately. Such is my slavish devotion.


Peter said...

I certainly understand not liking much of what's on public radio... as Lincoln might have said, you can't please everybody, all the time, with everything. But the shows you do enjoy cost money to produce, and need listener support to continue. Consider coming up with a donation amount, then subtracting an amount proportional to the shows you don't like, and donate the rest. Otherwise, you're a guy who refuses to pay for a five course meal because you didn't care for the dessert.

Peter Sagal

Ken K. said...

I specifically requested Lakshmi Singh.

But you may have shamed me into it.