Sunday, February 4, 2007

Love, Jessie Smith at Craigslist ;-)

I admit it, I peruse the personals on Craigslist. I like the missed connections, and the 'w4m' section. There's an amazing woman in that section named Jessie Smith. You know how some beautiful women have eyes that change color depending on the light? Jessie's got them beat. She changes her age and her appearance. Sometimes she's in the mid twenties and a confident-looking blonde, a single mother with not much time for a relationship but damn it, she'll make time. Other times she's a mid-thirties biracial cutie, taking college classes at night and looking for a nerdy guy to cuddle and study with. Tonight she's a 29 year old Asian woman, seeking to establish a quaint small business, and perhaps buy a house with her suitor and make it a home.
Jessie, Jessie. So many things to so many men. She is what you want her to be. I like that in a fake woman spam generator.

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jessie said...

my name is jessie smith!! and i have freckles in my eyes. pretty sweetastic. mmkay yeah this was random but i got bored and googled my name.