Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 253

843. Since last I posted, Barry Bonds has hit two more homeruns to reach 745, putting him a mere ten behind Hank "Include Me Out" Aaron. Should be just a few weeks away now, considering the way Bonds has been playing. It is my fervent hope that during the AB when he hits it, he manages to line a foul ball into the stands, where it hits one of the morons observing the "Turn Your Back On Barry" protest squarely in the back of their head. And ricochets off and hits another bozo with his back turned. My friend Q, the Bosox' Man In Brooklyn, does not feel the same way about Barry as I do, but as a friend, I don't wish it to be HIM that gets the foul off the noggin. As he suggests, we'll just agree to disagree.

844. Benjie Molina has solidified his role as the most clutch hitter on the Giants not named Bonds. It's almost automatic now that if Benjie comes up with a man in scoring position and with two out, that run is coming home somehow.

845. Omar, if he participates in a DP tonight, becomes the Shortstop Who's Participated In The Most Double Plays In History. When he signed with the Giants, many fans groaned, thinking the Giants overpaid for an athlete whose skills were clearly in decline----in other words, the usual Giants free-agent acquisition. Instead, he wows us every night with his flashy glove. And his bat is starting to come around at last this season , after his great year at the plate last season.

846. Tim Lincecum won his first big league game in his second attempt. Tim's the rookie phenom that everyone says is a Can't Miss Guy. He faltered in his much ballyhooed ML debut last week, but overcame some blunders by himself and others to hang on last night long enough for the Giants bats to awaken, and awaken they did. He acquired the nickname "Seabiscuit" due to his unorthodox but effective delivery, I guess because the horse ran funny but won. I think it's a lame nickname myself. Calling a grown-ass man a nickname that includes any variation of "Biscuit" is just asking for trouble.

847. The Cruel Axe Of Reality fell on the career of another aging Giants prospect. Todd Linden got his pink slip a week after another CAN-miss prospect, Lance Niekro got deep sixed. No team bit on the waivers, so Lance is already back in Fresno. I expect Linden will meet the same fate, and return to his level of competence, AAA. With Dave Roberts hitting the DL at the same time as Linden's cut, the Giants recalled two rooks from Fresno, Dan Ortmeier and Freddie Lewis. Both already have more pizazz than Linden and Niekro.

848. I received a spam email this morning that had a VERY intriguing subject line. Of course I didn't open it, but I had to give it points for ingenuity. Even better, if it was a random choice of words some spam-bot strung together....

"I Am No More A Blasphemer Than The Father Of Cybernetics, Weiner"

849. I found a sealed copy of Sinead O'Connor's 2003 reggae album, "Lay Down Your Arms", in a box of promos I got from my old job. At the time I got it, I was into something else, so this fell through the cracks. Sinead does reggae? How good could it be, right? Well, the answer is bloody fantastic. It's produced by Sly & Robbie, and Sinead's voice is perfect for the reggae classics she chose. Burning Spear's "Marcus Garvey", The Abyssinians "Y Mas Gan" , Lee Perry's "Curly Locks" and "Vampire" are all wonderful renditions of great songs. I can't recommend it enough.

850. I finally have some good news on the employment front, and could be back in Da Game within a weeks time.

851. Our weather has been perfect---days in the 80s, and gorgeous nights where the Nervous Red Dog and I can sit outside in front of the hovel and watch the club kids heading for J street, old folks from the seniors complex down the alley, and of course dog walkers from all walks of life, walking dogs who threaten to pee all over teh NRD's favorite spots. Makes for much drama.

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Congrats on the job front! Hope you don't get too busy for me to harass you!